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You have decided you want to watch a movie. Maybe it's raining outside, maybe you're sick, maybe you just want an escape. Whatever the case - you can't decide what to watch. There's two ways this can play out.

You don't check Netflix Wizard

You check Netflix Wizard

You decide to just go for it, you choose the first movie that sounds appealing and at the end of it you are so dissapointed by the previous 2 hours of your life that you can't stop screaming in rage, your neighbors call the police because they're worried about their friend who, two hours ago, was a pretty nice person. The cops arrive, you're still in a manic rage, and the next morning you find yourself bruised and in a jail cell.

After checking Netflix Wizard, you realize that there's a movie that is extraordinarily well reviewed. You decide to watch it. The movie ends. It inspires you. You have an epiphany. You get your act together, start that business, and 1 year later find yourself relaxing on your new yacht overlooking the vast expanse of the Balearic Sea en route to Ibiza.

You see? The choice is clear. You should use Netflix Wizard to help you find what to watch on Netflix.

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NetflixWizard makes it easy to filter through the muck and watch the highest regarded films on Netflix

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